Yourself to choose such a floor covering as parquet is not recommended.

Best if at the time of selection of suitable material there will be a master nearby. Parquet should always be taken with a small margin. It all depends on the quality of the parquet board.

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It is very important to know how exactly the drying of the parquet took place, as this will directly affect its operational qualities. Incorrectly dried parquet is able to deliver a huge number of problems its owners at the time of the moisture difference or temperature in the room.

Parquet board should be perfectly flat. Check the moment will not be difficult. To do this, you need to put several planks on a flat table or floor. If there is even the most minimum gap between them, it is better to refuse the purchase of this parquet. In addition, in the modern parquet board there are special grooves that greatly simplify the assembly process and hold the planks in place at the time of its use.

It is very important that all the planks are one height. Otherwise, uneven parquet will have to be polished several times to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.

The size of the planks also affects their service life. Too large planks will not be able to adapt to temperature differences and as a result can be deformed.