Window. Installation of windows in the old fund

Residents of the houses of the Old Fund are best known to everyone that ancient interiors and facades of buildings store not only the stories of their owners, but also the secrets of construction surveys, which sometimes turn a simple procedure for installing the window into a real risk. Despite their size, window profiles in old houses themselves are much more capricious and wayward than window openings in new buildings. As soon as the dismantling work begins to disassemble the old framework structure, the slopes are opening to our gaze, which indicate that the surface of the window fastening is so flimsy that it requires additional strengthening.

The most unpleasant moment will be the formation of a void under a layer of plaster. For such an error, it is worth saying thanks to the builders of the Soviet era. In this case, installation will be the ideal option using a special design, which will include spacers and stretch marks.

In this case, it will be necessary to close the void with a large number of mounting foam, but this option is not the worst and with competent operation of the installers will make it very beautiful both the slope itself and the window frame of the structure. There are also happy owners of apartments in the old fund who are not familiar with the problems with slopes and difficult installation of windows, but such a turn of events is more pleasant exception than the rule.