What will we build a house from

When choosing the design of their future country house, many are facing the problem of choosing which house to choose. If we approach the issue from the point of view of durability and construction “for centuries”, then it is better to give preference to a brick structure. Environmentally friendly less costly in the budget plan will be a wooden house. By the way, before starting construction, you should get advice from a specialist.

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With the development of new technologies, the most popular became profiled glued beams. Speed ​​and ease of installation work. Lack of restrictions in architectural solutions when using a bar. Aesthetic appearance. All these factors make it an undoubted leader in the list of available materials.

To a number of advantages, it is worth adding the fact that phytonicides and resins contained in wood disinfect and ionize the air, making it useful for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Due to the design features of the profiled timber, the assembly of the log house can take no more than three weeks. Given the fact that antiseptic processing is carried out during the assembly process, construction can be completed in a record short time.

The need for the interior decoration of the room disappears, in view of the fact that the tree itself is a finishing material.