What the price of a stretch ceiling depends on what.

The stretch ceiling is, of course, the pride of the owners of the house or apartment. In addition, it can also be installed in an office or a solemn banquet hall, etc. D. Previously, they were available only to fairly wealthy people. In our time, stretch structures can be installed in his home, any average person. But why some models are relatively inexpensive, while others are very expensive? By the way, if you want to know everything about safe and proper operation at the computer, then go to the site –

First of all, the company and the country – the manufacturer affects the price of a stretch ceiling. So the most expensive are the ceilings from Germany, France and Sweden. Russian and Chinese ceilings are much cheaper, but their quality is not as high as in European analogues.

The price also determines the blade itself. If it is matte and with the seams, it will be cheap. Seamless glossy ceiling or with a mirror effect is more expensive. Also if the ceiling with a pattern or image, its price becomes higher.

The cost also determines the complexity of the design. Just a flat ceiling is the cheapest. Multi -level with various bends and t. D. – expensive. The price also determines the number of lighting devices. The more there are, the more expensive, t. To. installation of each element has its own separate payment.