What should be your door?

As a person is greeted by clothes, so the house begins to evaluate the door. What should be your door? What material? Where to find the optimal price ratio and quality? These issues invariably creep into the head of any ragless owner. Fortunately, there is no shortage in our time, and the assortment sometimes scares its diversity. The most thorough and natural doors from array look. Such doors are made of noble varieties of wood and perfectly convey the whole nature of the selected material, fill the house with healthy energy, and a natural woody pattern can serve as a worthy decoration of the room. In addition, the doors from the array are more durable and resistant to the fungus and mold, and mechanical damage is easily repaired. I think you will agree that a harmonious combination of naturalness and beauty should be worthy of rewarded. Olha – environmentally friendly, moisture -resistant and durable material that provides high noise insulation. Pine is resistant to natural factors and can be used both for the outer doors and for interior. Oak is able to maintain its shape and strength for a long time, and the changeable color of the door only gives greater nobility. Book is a rather valuable and solid breed, but does not have great moisture resistance, so products from it should be subjected to special processing. The ash is quite durable, its wood is easily processed and has a wide variety of shades. The birch has a light shade, is easily processed, but cannot boast of moisture resistance.