What can be the repair

No one would call repairs in the apartment in a simple business. Yet it is not light, but very troublesome and implies great responsibility. This means that it is necessary to prepare for the repair as carefully as possible. Only in this case all the events will be held without any serious problems, which the owners need.

First of all, the type of repair that is planned to be carried out should be determined. It can be cosmetic (the simplest), capital and European standards (it is called so -renovation). Independently recommends that only the first of these options.

The rest are required to entrust specialists who occupy this professionally. Cosmetic repair is recommended to be carried out every 3 years. It involves only a replacement of wallpaper and applying a new layer of paint. In the process of overhaul, everything that can be replaced may change.

The most costly for money and physical efforts is renovation. But as a result of it, a dwelling is obtained, which meets the highest standards. In this case, not just an action plan is drawn up, but also a design project. Only a professional designer should do this. Then the result will be good.