What are the types of foundation

As you know, the construction of the house begins with the base – laying the foundation. The foundation plays the most important role, holding the entire severity of the structure. An important role in laying is played by measurements and calculations, as well as the soil and severity of the structure. In modern construction, they use a huge number of types of foundation, but there are the most common species:

– columnar;



Each of them has its pros and cons, and the laying of each of the type of foundation, directly depends on the type of structure.

Columnar – the most famous type of foundation. Usually, it is used where there is a large degree of freezing of the soil and where the loose earth. Usually, this foundation is fixed by reinforced concrete pillars. This type of foundation is suitable for small light houses.

Strip – laid in two versions: laid in the form of continuous underground walls, under supporting structures. It is laid in the form of crossed beams, which will allow you to make an underput or basement in the house. This type is suitable for building any type of building.

Slab – consists of a whole reinforced concrete base, which is laid under the house. Used for the construction of garages, baths, etc. D