We save on the roof frame

As you know, saving during construction is not buying cheap materials and independent construction and layout, this is correct distribution of money according to the project. In some cases, an incorrectly adopted independent decision in order to save can lead to double costs for remaking and finishing the project.

In the same way, the case is the construction of the roof structure, so as not to overpay for excess material, it is necessary to choose the type of roofing in advance and only build the necessary flooring under it. The main elements of the roof structure are rafters and a crate, depending on the weight of the coating, their thickness can vary tens of centimeters. So, with a decrease in the thickness of the cross section of the rafter elements, it is possible to save by twenty -five percent of the wood, which, as a result, reduces the construction project for exactly the same amount of percent. That is why, you should correctly calculate the necessary thickness and cross -section of the rafter material. A small example – a gable roof of a standard single -family house mainly has an area of ​​one hundred and sixty square meters and the size of one slope is eight by ten meters, with the right calculation and choice, the savings can make up a hundred dollars in half a cubic meter of woody material.