We measure the temperature of concrete

Concrete is a material made of stone artificially, and designed for construction. A very important characteristic of concrete is the temperature, and there are two methods to measure it: contactless and contact.

As a rule, the first type is used when measuring high temperatures, in cases where some error in measurements is allowed.

Contact measurements are carried out using special thermometers intended for this, moreover, this method today is considered the most accurate. The thermometer for measuring the temperature of concrete, more often, can be of two types – surface and submersible. The surface thermometer gives information about the temperature on the surface, and submersible for the temperature inside. Consider the most common types of thermometers.

A comprehensive thermometer is a set of devices that are used to measure several control indicators. Differs in good strength and indicator.

The infrared thermometer is intended regular and intermediate temperature measurement on the surface. To obtain the most reliable information, it is necessary to use additional meters.

The bimetallic needle thermometer is also used for household purposes.

A wireless thermometer, as a rule, functions using the Internet, and translates the received information using a computer.