We deliver flexibility to drywall

In order for the cut parts to be neat and even you need to make efforts and try very hard, but if you can’t achieve the desired result the first time, do not despair. Not everyone turns out the first time, so you can repeat the attempt and several times. После того, когда вы вырезали нужной формы части, то перейдите элементам арки гибкость.

This can be done by processing them with a rag moistened in water. This will facilitate their attachment to the end arched element and the process of bending the elements in the future. After this procedure, the processed part can be attached to the arch of the arch and fixed with self -tapping screws. Keep in mind that you need to attach an arch at least every 15 centimeters. Screw the screws with such a depth that their heads drown a little in the panel.

Also, the details that will come on the sides can be fixed using the profile on both sides of the arch. But be vigilant, do not allow the distance between the two profiles to differ, then your arch will be uneven. They must coincide with accuracy.

Having completed these works, as well as attaching all the details, you can proceed to the final stage of the construction of the arched opening. It is necessary to process all the edges of the structure with the help of a perforated corner, and the seams are covered with a reinforcing tape. After that, you can put it all. The design of the arch from the outside is already your own desires and fantasy.