We combine the bathroom, is it worth the skin

If you do not live in a communal apartment, and you do not have many living on the living space, then you can well combine the bathroom and toilet. So you can implement some creative project to design the premises, and make it beautiful and convenient at the same time. In such a room, you can install both a jacuzzi and a shower cabin, there is enough space for the toilet. The toilet in such a room can be fenced off with a wall lined with tiles, so by dividing the bathroom into zones, you will not spend a lot of useful space, but also remove the toilet from the field of view of the bathroom. We advise you to order dismantling work from professionals.

It is the realization of creative imagination that will help you make your bathroom exclusive and unforgettable. True, in addition to the beautiful design, there are still everyday problems, such as: the impossibility of presence in the room two people at once. If someone went into the bathroom, then you will no longer get to the toilet, and since women love to splash in the bath for a long time, you will have to tolerate.

Therefore, if the family is large, and there are children in the family, then redevelopment may be in question. If you nevertheless thought up the layout, then contact an experienced designer, because he will not only pick up a convenient location of plumbing, but also help you beautifully design the interior.