Wallplaining walls with wallpaper with your own hands

Before pasting the wallpaper, the walls must be pre -treated: remove old wallpapers, wash the walls with a special disinfecting solution, align with putty, apply a primer. Sometimes there are cases that after pasting wallpaper on the nails, a fungus appears. Therefore, it is better to start the treatment of nail fungus after pasting, even if it is not noticeable, conduct a preventive treatment, it will not hurt you. Next, lay the wallpaper with a pattern down, cut off the required amount for pasting walls, then apply the glue to the wall with the help of a roller or brush evenly on the wall, then on the wallpaper. Then stick the wallpaper on the wall in this way: first glue the upper part of the wallpaper to the upper part of the wall, after using a roller or fabric, glue the wallpaper completely on the wall, smoothing them and pressing them with movements from the middle to the edge, from right to left, as if drawing a “Christmas tree”.

You need to stick the joints in the joint, so that the drawing coincides. Then from – under the glued wallpaper, expel the bubbles of air that came across during operation, in the same way as the wallpaper glued. The most important thing is not to open the windows and the balcony while pasting walls with wallpaper. And if you started the wallpapers of wallpaper in the summer, then you also need it very small, so do not forget to purchase it. So that in the process of pasting, insects do not interfere with you. Otherwise the wallpaper may not stick and fall off in a few hours. In children’s rooms and bedrooms it is best to use paper wallpaper, since they do not contain harmful substances. It is better to use washing wallpaper in the kitchen and in the bathroom.