Wall decoration with drywall.

When leveling the walls, more and more often began to use drywall.

Its installation procedure is carried out in two ways: frame and frameless.

The walls of drywall are aligned during the final work, upon completion of plumbing (for some of them, welding work is carried out, and this, in the presence of a number of drywall structures, is very dangerous) and electrical work (wires are usually hidden behind drywall panels) and before installing a new gender).

Drywall is glued to the walls during frameless installation, this is permissible if the walls are almost even, with a small error.

At the same time, it is enough to apply specialized glue with a gear spatula to the surface of the drywall panels and press them to the wall.

With a slight curvature of the walls, drywall (GCL) is glued onto strips of drywall 10 cm wide. If the walls are too uneven, then it is not possible to glue the GCL to them in any case, it is attached to special metal profiles that are installed along the surface of the walls.

You can use a rack frame if the walls are made of brick or concrete plates.

Using the arched profile, you can create curved forms that in an additional way will bring the highlight to your interior.

The outer surfaces of the corners from GKL are most vulnerable, to protect them from all kinds of mechanical damage, use an angular steel profile.