Wall and ceiling do not kitten

To choose the color of the walls for the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account natural external lighting. If the windows overlook the sunny side, do not decorate the room in light colors. Discomfort and irritation can cause paints of “warm” shades. But any shades of blue and green will help create comfort and coolness. In a darkened room, with windows facing the north side, warm pink or beige tones will add light and heat.

When selecting the color of the ceiling, you should take into account the height of the room. The white ceiling will visually seem higher. The high ceiling will become visually lower, if you paint it in a darker color than the walls. Modern materials for the ceiling will help completely transform it. You can give the kitchen an incredibly fantastic look using a suspended ceiling. In this case, its surface should be shaken by paint of various shades, which will give the total type of kitchen a complete look.

When using modern MDF panels, you can repair the walls of the kitchen in a short time. When installing the panels, they form a high -quality and even wall covering and do not require jokes in height. Panels are high -quality and environmental material, have moisture resistance. This is important for a room like a kitchen. To repair the kitchen, you can use any materials, the main thing is that the room is cozy and practical.