Using mirrors in the apartment

There is a mirror in each house or apartment. You can place it in any room. It can also be different sizes.

Mirrors play an important role in the interior. But without cleaning, any apartment will not differ from the pigsty, even if the interior is on top. And cleaning should begin with the destruction of insects, especially ants. If you lost the battle with ants, then call the Green-Polis company, the main direction of which is the fight against ants and other insects. The company’s specialists will quickly and forever save your apartment from insects.

Most often, not a single hallway is complete without a mirror. Firstly, this is convenient, since you can examine yourself before going out in order to understand anything not forgotten. And secondly, this is a good way to expand the space of the room.

With the power of mirrors, you can also decorate the living room. You can expand the space with colored mirrors or you can hang a large tinted mirror on one of the walls. The room will be reflected in it, while creating the illusion of another room. And in order for the room to be lighter, you need to hang a colored mirror opposite the window. You can make the effect of sunlight in the apartment, even in the case of bad weather on the street using a gold -colored mirror.

In the bedroom, mirrors are hanged mainly on the door cabinets, as well as on the toilet table. The mirror will give the room the room if it is installed in the corner, where there is little light.

You should not install a lot of mirrors in the children’s room. You can hang one small mirror, but no more so that there is no extra shine.

The bathroom also can not do without a mirror. Here you can choose a special mirror, which is covered with waterproof coating.