Using hardened glass in architecture

Sometimes modern architecture amazes the imagination. The eyes cannot be taken from buildings that are completely built of glass. The fragile material, which even a small pebble can destroy, in the hands of masters can turn into a durable material that is not inferior to the tree in the fortress.

Before the material enters the construction facility, it is suitable for special chemical processing and hardening. After such processing, the material receives indicators several times higher than the glass in stability and strength to temperatures of the differences. When such glass is broken, it scatters into small pieces and will not damage anyone, as in the case of ordinary glass that hangs in large pieces that it is very dangerous. For this reason, great use was made to hardened material in the manufacture of different designs and glazing of public buildings.

In order to prevent people from pouring on people during destruction, its transparent special film is glued. It happens that the film is glued between two connected sheets. Thus, in addition to additional safety, additional strength is added.