Using gray in the interior

Many believe that the gray color will make the interior inexpressive and boring. But it will be a good background for other colors. Gray has a lot in color, and it can be used in any style. It is very important to choose a suitable shade of gray.

Even if gray is used in a large room, then it does not attract attention and does not tire. It is often used in the design of the walls, photographs, paintings look good on it. It will be especially interesting if it is black and white, so they will look stylish. It is advisable to avoid glossy and brilliant gray. You may impress, you are in a metal box. To give shine, the room can be used by gray-silver wallpaper, hang mirrors and paintings in silver frames. Then the interior will be both luxurious and concise.

Gray is usually used in the style of high-tech, Scandinavian, loft and other styles. In the classic style, pearl gray is used in combination with golden and white. But when combined with white color, care must be observed, because the gray color can become dirty. It is better to select a cream or cream tint to gray. A gray table will look beautiful.