Using fabric to create an interior ceiling

Fabric can easily manipulate a visual perception of space. It makes it possible to play with light, creates a warm atmosphere, adds sound – and thermal insulation.

Ceiling decoration has a number of specific features. And often he is not given little attention, usually various lamps are simply placed on him. There are no functional frames in the arrangement of the ceiling, and therefore it is the perfect soil for conducting design experiments. On the ceiling, you can perform painting, stucco molding, niches. The use of fabric in the interior of the ceiling has two directions: draping the ceiling with fabric and using tissue stretch ceilings.

Fabric stretch ceilings differ from ordinary stretch ceilings that they use fabric. They imitate the technology of suspended ceilings, and flax and suede are usually used for this. You can simply stick the ceiling with a fabric to glue stitched textile flowers to it, glue a large piece of fabric. If you use a large piece of fabric, then it is pulled on the ceiling, it can also hang freely.

Drapery is complete and partial. With complete drapery, the fabric will be almost completely pressed to the ceiling. With partial drapery, the fabric will sag over his head.