Using a ship theme in the interior

If you like the ship theme, and want to update the interior, make it original, then the ship theme is a good option. This interior mainly holds on accessories. The desired mood can be created thanks to furniture and finishes, but they occupy the second place after accessories.

It is important to decide on the direction of ship themes, because it varies. If you use accessories from modern sea themes, you can use red-white life circles, round mirrors, statuettes of sailors and lighthouses, navigation cards.

If a historical marine theme is taken as a basis, then the choice is wider. You can use: sea helm, boards-channels, rope stairs, chests, tools, weapons, compasses. These items will help create the appropriate style in the room.

Imits of ship interiors can be used as furniture. For modern topics, you can use lamps that look like a ship bell. If possible, then you can install sun loungers. The emphasis should be made on streamlined and smooth forms. For historical sea themes, you can use the lacquered wooden furniture sofa can be changed to the sofa, or to the wedge.