Useful tips for assembling a log house

Before putting a log house, first you need to determine the width of the beam or log, it depends on which house will be built, for a permanent or temporary place of residence. For summer houses (summer house, summer houses), the thickness should be 10-15 cm, for houses with permanent residence from 20 cm or more. Between the bars, the thermal insulation material needs to be laid.

A log house from the beam is harvested than from logs, since they differ in weight, the beam is easier. Before sheathing the walls, the log house should undergo complete sediment (within 6-10 months). For casing, only from dried lumber (dry boards) should be used, which are tightly connected to each other to protect the house from poor weather conditions. The boards can be laid in different ways, at an angle, vertically, horizontally or in the form of some pattern.

It is better to collect a log house in two parts, first collect one part with human growth on Earth. After they are transferred to a log house, this is necessary so that all work with the ax is held on the ground without a forest. Although it is long, but it is convenient and safe.

There are no ideally even logs, so they need to be laid so that the lumps and the tops of the trees alternate. So that the crowns of logs are tightly adjacent to each other, grooves must be knocked out along the logs.