Use under the stairs

Today, many private houses or cottages have a staircase to the second floor, or, as an option, in the attic room, which is located under the attic. There are many different design of such stairs, and under most of them there is a free space that can be quite effectively used. Under many stairs you can even conduct pile work, not to mention creating a good dressing room.

Having made a wardrobe at this place, you can not only organize a place of storage of a large number of things, but also make an extravagant fresh note into the overall interior. In the case of smaller space, at this place you can equip any shelves, drawers, a wine cabinet, or place a fireplace there.

Also, this place can be well suited for the bar, since in the walls you can organize additional recesses where you can place drinks or glasses.

At this place you can also organize a playing area, you can put a children’s bed there by closing the walls with posters or funny paintings. Or even place a sliding bed here, which can be hidden in the wall.

A good option would be the arrangement at this place of Chulan. Here it will be possible to store sledges, skis, bicycles, outerwear for the winter, and many other things. By placing shelves here, in this place an excellent pantry may become.

It is possible to arrange such a room so that it is perfectly suitable for the interior to a common design.

Also, under the stairs, a wardrobe can be equipped, laundry, or just placed a dishwasher or refrigerator.