Use of phytodeshasis in the interior of the room

The direction of interior design, characterized by decoration of rooms with living plants, is phytodesign. Plants in the design of the interior solve not only the aesthetic problem, but also produce oxygen, so that it becomes easier to breathe in the room. Green contributes to the rest of the eyes and the reassurance of the nervous system. Also, green plants in the winter period of time help to fight depressive states. Phytodesign does not mean the organization of a room in which there are a large number of plants. The main task of this area is a competent selection, an original combination and location of pottering plants with other decor elements. The most common option for the location of a living corner is the window sill of the room or special shelves made of such a material as a moisture -resistant plywood that can easily withstand water spreading from a pot. In this case, it must be remembered that for the windowsill, not high flowers that love sunlight are suitable, since bushy and high plants will be an obstacle to penetration of light into the room. One of the additional options for using phytodesign is a landscaped balcony where climbing plants and palm trees will look good. You can also apply part of the room to the location of the plants where citrus trees will feel good, as well as trees that occupy little place, for example, bonsai, or vertical landscaping organization.