Use in the coatings of Taurus beams

The use of 12 and 15 m span in the coatings of the Taurus beams with conventional reinforcement and rod farms with a span of 12, 15 and 18 m is allowed only until 1957. In the future, supporting structures with intense reinforcement should be used for spans of more than 9 m.

Large panels were adopted as the main coating element – reinforced concrete and armopenic concrete with reinforced concrete ribs, laid directly on beams or farms.

The second part of the nomenclature provides for prefabricated reinforced concrete structures for multi -storey industrial buildings. They are divided into two groups: structural elements of buildings with crazy and beam floors. In both cases, a mesh of columns 6×6 m was adopted. Resting interference ceilings are collected from elements weighing up to 5 g, and beam – up to 3 g.

The section “Structural structures for communications” indicates the types of slabs and beams of the non -transit channels of external heating networks, pipes for underground pipelines – non -pressure and pressure, reinforced concrete rings and half -rings for round wells on external water supply and sewage networks.

The “Roads” section shows the types of concrete on -board stones, reinforced concrete plates of square and hexagonal outlines to cover permanent industrial roads.

Ethnicative reinforced concrete slabs are designed to cover temporary roads. The nomenclature also includes prefabricated reinforced concrete fences with a height of 3 and 2.5 m.