Understanding the advantages of the layout

People of various prosperity live in Velvin; One class is evicted in bicontri. And, finally, the bicontri was built on first -class arable land, on the most fertile land throughout England, but for agriculture it is almost not used. Velvin is built on the ground less fertile than in bicontri, but half of these lands are cultivated, forming a green belt. Wolf is a courageous new world full of happiness and hopes; Bacondri is an old and boring world, one of the usual consequences of an industrial coup.

Although in other European countries, the authorities were just as slowly as in England, there was an understanding of the advantages of the layout on a district scale, when the district is determined not by old borders, but by modern urban and industrial development, nevertheless, there were worthy attention here pleasant exceptions.

One of the most extensive regional projects was a project for the planning of the Ruky region in Germany on an area of ​​about 3500 km2 with a population of 4 million and with more than 300 municipalities. The layout of this vast territory was entrusted to the federation formed in 1920, the tasks of which included the determination of the main communication lines, criticism and assistance in drawing up plans for cities, preserving the space free from the development of squares and approving new residential buildings.