Treatment facilities in the modern infrastructure of cities

Treatment facilities in the modern infrastructure of cities, this is primarily, of course, a solution to environmental problems. To clean the wastewater of the origin of the domestic, it is enough to install local treatment facilities if there is no centralized sewage system.

Cleaning sewage storm water is most likely to organize water supply to those indicators that would allow cleaned drains to be discarded to the local relief. In addition to houses, such treatment facilities can be used effectively when cleaning household efforts from cafes, various other institutions, including public catering institutions.

To date, individual treatment facilities every day acquire more and more functionality, efficiency and security, not only for direct users, but also for the environment. Regardless of how effective they are and whether there is a central sewage system at all.

When using treatment facilities at each enterprise, the goal is to prepare and further cleaning so that there can be wastewater to be launched into the city sewer for its reuse. This is necessary so that a decrease in the concentration of insoluble salts, fats, oils and other substances to maximum permissible norms.