Today, construction is one of the niches

Today, the construction occupies one of the niches that is constantly developing, has a huge number of variations of the finishes and options for design solutions. This applies not only to such global and serious problems as floors, alignment of walls, ceilings, but also smaller, insignificant questions about internal improvement and complementing the decoration of the room with insignificant, but pleasant to the eye, which can include decorative columns.

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On the materials market, there are also finished columns and materials for creating independent structures. From ready -made decorative columns, one can distinguish those made of foam or polyurethane. Such a decorative decoration requires only a careful installation near the doorways or at the walls and proper care of them.

Another option for creating a column for the decor of an apartment or other room is prefabricated or home -made fragments of decor. For example, the basis is made of thin -leaf plywood or gypsum. Paint or apply textured plaster, and attach carved parts from polyurethane or gypsum near the grounds. Such a column will look more exquisite and complement the interior of the apartment with an unusual combination of materials and colors.