Tips to the home master. What to do if linoleum swollen?

If your linoleum has swollen at your place, then do not despair. If the linoleum was laid on a heated bitumen or rubber -gun mastic, which melts when warming up, then take an awl or another sharp object, with which you can pierce the swollen section of linoleum. Pierce linoleum at the place of swelling and carefully release the accumulated air. Close the puncture site with thick paper and carefully rewrite it with a heated iron. Then put a heavy and heated load on this place. The most suitable for this will be a bag of sand. The second method. Gently enter a dramator with a solvent into the puncture site, on the basis of which bitumen mastic is prepared. Wait a while, and then press this section of linoleum to the base strongly, and put a heavy load on it for a day. If you are going to lay the just bought linoleum, and it is “wavy”, then a heated bag with quartz sand will help you. Heat it to the desired temperature, and then reward the linoleum with a heated bag of sand around the perimeter. There is another way to equalize the “wavy” linoleum. Cut the required number of paintings according to your sizes and lay them with a “pyramid” so that the large canvases are below, and small at the top. Then put the load on the chopped canvases. A few days later, the “wave” of linoleum will disappear by itself.