Tips for laying plank flooring

Doned flooring is one of the environmentally friendly materials that is used in various rooms. It is quite difficult to carry out work on its installation, so you should adhere to certain tips and recommendations.

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The length of the board should fully correspond to the length of the entire room, and not consist of several pieces.

All boards should have the same thickness, be dry, even, as well as perfectly cleaned.

Boards should not have knots, cracks and shells.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the shopuntes of the boards are even and the same throughout the length of the board, which will subsequently ensure a slight fastening of the entire flooring with each other.

Good quality boards should have samples that will provide ventilation of the entire floor located on the lags.

Before laying the plank coating, it is necessary to make sure that the beams on which the flooring will lie are located perfectly evenly. Then the boards are laid out throughout the room and join at the best place for them. Then they are well dried if there is such a need. The flooring is nailed to the lags with nails, which in length must necessarily exceed the width of the board.