Tips for creating a future interior plan

Full interior updating often can not do without the help of a competent designer. Nevertheless, insignificant cosmetic repairs can be carried out on their own, the main thing is to take care of the pre -compiled plan in this case. Of course, all issues related to communications, especially with electrical wiring, should be entrusted to professionals, but otherwise it all depends on the owners of the apartment themselves.

The creation of the plan implies the transfer of the schematic image of the room onto paper. For this, measurements of all walls are thoroughly removed, and on paper the outlines of the room is displayed in such a way as if I could look at it from above. Then, in the plan, all window and doorways are affixed (it should also be noted which way the doors will open), not forgetting about sockets with switches. It is important to remember that measurements are the main element of the correct compiled plan-scheme.

Best if the plan is applied to millimeter paper. The developed plan must have all indicators that will come in handy in the future. The benefits of such a drawing are obvious when ordering materials or when coordinating all aspects of redevelopment with workers.