Tips for budgetary cosmetic repairs

Regarding the windows, the situation is many times easier, since today most people set plastic windows that retain their color for a long time, cracks do not appear on them, so they do not need update.

However, there is no getting away from the walls of walls. Since it is the wallpaper that can burn out in the sun that very often spoil the entire appearance of the room, so they need to urgently get rid of them. As an alternative to wallpapers that many apartment owners constantly burn out, today they choose staining walls. However, there is a nuance and at the same time the difficulty. There are a huge number of apartments with uneven walls in Russia, and if you paint them in this state, then each defect in the surface of concrete will be noticeable. So before starting painting, it will be necessary to align each of the walls in advance and whistle them.

Another advice: when performing painting work, be sure to ensure that the thickness of the paintwork that you will apply is in all places the same. For accurate measurements today, many use the thickness meter of the LKP.

Also, during cosmetic repairs, do not forget about the replacement of the floor. You do not want scratches on the laminate to spoil the overall impression of the beautiful decoration of the room?