The window should be reliable

Of course, the old windows could still serve. Pop the cracks on the frames, replace the window sills, clean and paint … But if you are going to lining the facade with an elegant clinker, re -stuck the walls inside, then the old windows will look bad against this beauty. We must change!

You ordered windows and, in general, imagine where and how to install them. But there are moments that are to pay special attention to.

One of them is the high -quality fixing of the box in the opening. The window should not stand in it too close or too far. The box must be fixed so as to withstand the pressure of a powerful wind. The type of fastening is determined by the material of the walls: one fastener is suitable for cellular concrete, the other – a hollow porous ceramic, and the third with full brick. Most often the box is attached with anchor bolts or mounting anchor plates. In any case, all steel fasteners (anchors, dowels, screws and others.) must be covered with corrosion protection.

If the wall is single -layer, then it is optimal to put the box exactly in the middle of the thickness of the opening and attach anchor bolts directly to the wall. With two -layer walls, the window should stand as close to the outer surface of the wall, where the thermal insulation layer adjacent. Here the window is attached with mounting anchor plates. The three -layer wall requires the placement of the window to thermal insulation and fastening with the same plates.