The use of casein glue

After cooking casein glue, it is necessary to leave it for a while. And for now we will prepare the glued surfaces. More precisely, make them in shape and clean them of dirt and dust. Now you can start gluing. Apply a glue solution on both glued sides and leave for about five minutes. Then press the surfaces tightly to each other and fix the.

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Fixation can be carried out with a grip if it is browned. Or you can use the ropes by wrapping her fastened parts so that the glued surfaces are reliably pressed to each other. The glue sets after about 8 hours, then the fixation can be removed. But remember that before the glue dries, it should pass for about 12 hours. In this regard, the glued surfaces should not be touched for about 20-22 hours, so that the clutch is strong and durable.

Glue the case with a casein solution is somewhat troublesome, but the clutch is durable and much more reliable than when using other adhesive means. The main disadvantage of casein glue is not the ability to storage. That is, after preparing the solution, it should be used within 6 hours. Otherwise, the glue will dry and will not be suitable for use.