The similarities of buildings between Russians and Italians

As for the similarity of buildings between Russians and Italians, then, of course, Italians are closer to us in temperament than the British or Germans. Italians are extroverts, they are emotional and direct, love to have fun and impress others. Xenophobia is alien to them. Maybe Russians love Italy precisely because they feel comfortable among the inhabitants of this country.

Have you used world analogues to create the concept of the “Italian quarter”? What global projects of elite residential complexes do you consider worthy of attention and why?

The conditions for the implementation of each development project are unique: location, size and configuration of the land plot, features of the city market in which it is located, restrictions and requirements of the city administration, as well as many other factors and circumstances. Therefore, each development project is unique. It is impossible to borrow a concept, but the approach to the implementation of the best world projects is useful not only to study, but also to adopt.

In this sense, a sample can serve, for example, Raven-City in Hamburg. Hamburg is a rich port city with high demand for expensive real estate for a long time exceeding the offer due to lack of place for construction in the city center, which led to an increase in prices for it. The city authorities solved this problem as follows: they accumulated land.