The scope of the galvanized strip

A galvanized strip is a sufficiently popular material in construction. It is used as a workpiece when creating a variety of metal structures, devices, industrial equipment, more details here

The production technology of galvanized stripes is similar to steel neocying lanes. Their main difference is the special processing of zinc. The qualitative characteristics of galvanized stripes allow them to be used as grounding material during the construction of objects of various destinations (protection of power cables and wires located on the territory of settlements).

The material is relevant for the design of pipelines, conducts the accumulated voltage, increases their operational period, reliably protects against accidents and rust. The anti -corrosion property of the bands guarantees the extension of the life of the pipes up to 40 years.

There are the following varieties of galvanized stripes: whip and bay. Baying are available in the form of rollers, the diameter of which is one meter, mass 70 kg. The length of the whip reaches 3-6 m. A 40×4 strip is in great demand, since it is a universal material.