The room is ready for installation and for a stretch ceiling

The premises are considered prepared for installation if: the roof (no leakage); cable channels blocked by slabs are completely completed; pipe purified into cable channels; And the ceiling will be original, stylish and beautiful if you make stretch ceilings, today it is very fashionable.

Wooden doors (gates) in the chambers of the transformers are sheathed on the inside with sheet steel along the felt of felt, blinds and gratings are installed, guides for transformers, removable wooden handrails, gravelly poured into the oil -collar pits, protection against water, snow, birds, small animals and rodents are provided ; Around the premises the layout was completed and the asphalt blind area and entrances were completed. By the beginning of the installation, ventilation should be mounted and tested. Then you should take on the ceiling.

Today, one of the most popular methods of finishing ceilings in the house is stretch ceilings. When ordering work from experienced professionals, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result. Stretch ceilings are stylish and beautiful.

Similar requirements are made on the readiness of the premises of the machine rooms and their basements, the premises of the shields of control stations (SCSU), condenser batteries and other electrical structures.

Building and finishing work in electrical premises should be performed first of all in order to ensure the construction of the facility with electricity for testing, running in mechanisms.