The roof should be well ventilated

The tiles of more than two thousand years is the most preferred and most aesthetically attractive coating for roofs.

A constant flow of air supports the roof design healthy and dry and improves the comfort of residential premises. Corrugated profile allows air circulation over and under the sheets. In summer, in order to avoid any significant warming of air in the roof there is a space, which retains from increasing temperature in residential premises. In winter, uneven melting of snow is avoided due to warm air in the roof space. Snow bags are not formed over the cornices, and the possibility of condensate formation is excluded. Warm air, water vapor goes to the atmosphere. The structure remains dry (wooden buildings do not rot and fastening elements are not subject to corrosion).

Is the roof heavy tile? 97% of all wooden structures are suitable for tiles. Heavy roofing materials are much more resistant to storms and strong winds, so they provide the owner of the house with a high level of security. So that there is a 30-year guarantee for density, strength, resistance to cold tiles must comply with the norm EN 490/EN

At what angle you can put tiles? The tiles can be placed at a minimum of 17 ° maximum 90 °.

Do I need to nail the tile? For a roof from 17 ° to 45, the tiles do not need to be fixed. From 45 ° to 60 °, each third tile is nailed, and more than 60 ° – each tile tile.