The roof of your cottage.

The roof is a part of the building that protects the interior from the influence of the external environment: precipitation, wind, change in the outer temperature, but it is also a decoration of the whole house and can completely change its appearance. The use of multifaceted and modern roofing materials can give your home a modern or ancient style. It should be strong so that the flying gust of wind could not disassemble it into the components and fold it near the house, and it must still have heat and waterproofing properties. In addition, in the design of the roof, there should be ventilation of the attic space and the norms of fire safety are taken into account.

In their design, the roof can be of different configurations: gable, single -slot, broken, tent, cross -shaped and hollow. In the presence of a large amount of precipitation of the roof, it is more advisable to arrange with an angle of a slope of 45* or more, and where there are few precipitation, but strong winds make the angle of the slope 30* or less.

The base of the roof with slopes is the rafters firmly fixed to the load -bearing walls, the step of which depends on the weight of the roofing material. A crate from an inch board on which waterproofing is laid is nailed on them. And then the selected roofing material is mounted on top.

The modern market for roofing materials offers a richest assortment of their. These are tiles: ceramic, cement, bitumen and metal tiles, corrugated board and old acquaintance – slate.