The reasons for the noise in apartments, and the methods for eliminating it

Most of the specialists engaged in the fact that they measure noise in various rooms, revealed the reason why residents complain about noise in their apartments. The appearance of such a noise was its transmission through the ceilings, which are located between the floors. And in this case, it does not even play a special role from which material the building is built, it is present in monolithic, brick and panel buildings, and they all suffer from the fact that the soundproofing is low.

In the event that in the apartment on the top floor, the neighbors laid out the floor with ceramic tiles, you can be sure that the good audibility of everything that happens on such a floor is provided, whether it is just a step, or a washing machine. To avoid this, the most optimal method of eliminating this disadvantage will be the use of a “floating” floor, its principle is that under the main flooring, linoleum, tiles, parquet, etc. D. A thin layer. This is a special building material that is designed to reduce noise and increase noise insulation.

It is represented by gesture gaskets, which consist of special fiberglass, the thickness of which is 4 mm. They are laid out under the leveling screed, the thickness of which is 70 mm, in this case, the level of shock noise can be reduced by 25 dB.

Also during major repairs, silicon fiber, cork agglomerate or polypropylene can be laid under the flooring.