The quality of road tiles

Today, the building materials market is simply full of all kinds of delights. New items appear in the market with rapid speed. But each product that comes to the market should be checked well, and if it was decided to buy a road tile, then first of all the seller needs to ask a certificate. But even if the seller has a certificate, how to still check that the material is really good?

This is as experts say not so simple. But all, there are some aspects that are worth paying attention to. And the very first factor should be the price. Cheap road tiles cannot be sold, and if all such the price is not high, then this is most likely not of high -quality material or made in a violation of technology.

The second way is to hit the tiles against each other. It’s all about the sound that makes tiles, the more dull sound, the more water in this solution of Vili. And excessive water will not lead to anything good.

And the third principle of choice, this is the surface of the tile. An excellent indicator of the tiles for the road surface is a smooth surface. However, everything here is so simple, because a large amount of drove, also gives a smooth surface. But according to the correct technology for smoothness, special additives are introduced into the solution. So all the same will return to the fact that when buying, read the certificate carefully and GOSTs.