The problem of ventilation of plastic windows

Unstable windows or poorly installed lead to colossal heat losses. The plastic profile is just installed to achieve maximum comfort, but for this you need to take care of the isolation. When installing, it is important to pay attention to the seams are sealed. If there are gaps, cracks, dents, then the window is installed incorrectly. When insulating with mounting foam, caverns can be formed in which water will accumulate, which can lead to a speedy wear of the frame. Therefore, installers need to be invited with experience, and it is better if they have recommendations.

Each room needs ventilation, which needs to be carried out several times a day. Correctly installed hermetic plastic profiles may create comfort, since there is no need to regularly paint them, but there are also difficulties. Humidity in the apartment may remain constant, and for a person to be cozy, it is necessary to fluctuate the level of humidity. Therefore, you can ventilate the apartment so as to maintain heat. Premises that contain increased humidity, for example, the kitchen, should be ventilated several times a day, even if there is an extractor. Depending on the sensations of comfort, you can independently adjust the ventilation and carry out ten minutes again, while opening the window wide open. In winter, you should not open the window, since the plastic does not tolerate condensate, which is certainly formed due to temperature differences.