The principle of creating an open -type shower

At first, 4 pits are dug up on a selected area with a depth of one meter, they are located at a distance of one meter from each other, to create the right square. Then they put pillars in them, which are previously burned on fire. By clicking on the following link, you can order a general cleaning of the apartment at favorable prices.

In order to give the construction greater strength and durability, wooden pillars can be replaced with asbestos -cement and iron and when installing they are poured with concrete, but the vertical of the installation is checked in advance or the construction level. It is best to work with asbestos -cement pipes, since they are easier than parts made of iron and are perfectly processed, poorly rust and have the property – resistance to environmental influences. Two days after the establishment of the supports, a strapping is carried out. To do this, rails and bars are attached to the pillars, then there is a sheathing of free space with boards. To the site of the boards, you can use slate with dimensions of 1 to 75, it is perfect for the design of this type. As a sheathing, metal profiles can be used, but they are characterized by great thermal conductivity, so in hot times there is a risk of producing burns in contact with them. Each material gives the air freely to penetrate inside the cabin and is well opposed to the vagaries of the weather.