The most durable buildings of stone or ordinary brick are obtained.

Such a house will serve more than one generation of its owners, although it is inferior in its heat engineering properties to houses built of wood, light foam concrete or hollow brick. By the way, when you are looking for restaurants for a wedding in St. Petersburg, also pay attention to wall material.

For laying brick walls, you can use solutions based on a mixture of cement with sand, lime or clay. The first of them is the least plastic, and the hardest way to work with it. Therefore, it is best suited for waterproofing. And for masonry it is preferable to add lime or clay as a plasticizer. A solution for laying walls above waterproofing is prepared taking into account the fact that it will be fully used in 1.5-2 hours, in the following proportions. For load -bearing pillars and walls, the ratio of a solution of cement of the brand 400, lime and clay (sand) will be 1: 2: 12; For unnecessary walls and partitions in relation to the same cement brand, you can use the composition 1: 4: 20

The choice of masonry option depends on the climatic conditions in which the construction of the house takes place. The permissible estimated temperature can be found in the district architectural bureau. The thickness of the wall is determined by the type of masonry, the material from which the walls are built.