The most common flooring

The most common flooring for flooring now, undoubtedly – linoleum, carpet, laminate 32 class. Let’s find out all the pros and cons of these materials.

Linoleum. One of the most common flooring materials. He gained such popularity because of his fairly low price, easy care of him and no less easy styling. The quality of the material has increased significantly. Linoleum is now even fiery resistant, durable. The material is divided into two types: natural and synthetic. The only minus of such a coating is that on the surface of linoleum a dent is formed over time from heavy objects.

Carpet. This material is largely similar to linoleum. Carpet is also divided into two types: natural and synthetic. Synthetic carpet, unlike natural, absorbs less dirt, is easy to clean. Carpet is one of the most cozy and soft types of flooring. Many colors are also a huge plus.

Laminate. The laminate will last you long enough time (from five to twenty -five years), is easy to care. Such material is cheap, it will be affordable for everyone. Now the laminate is not afraid of moisture. It is resistant to scratches, damage.