The most basic for starting to build a house is, of course, the site on which it will be located.

Before purchasing several times think, calculate all costs for the time and materials that will be needed for the construction, and only after that you can start making a dream. After you purchase a site, you must definitely get a building permit.

During the construction of the house, you can not do without design work. On the website “Crimea Project Reconstruction” you can find out the cost of the project. The company is developing projects of residential buildings, commercial real estate.

After you can safely start drawing up a project. You can draw up such a project yourself or seek help from the company, and there is also an option to hire a frequent designer of apartments. They will always tell and help, even with what you could not guess when pondering the plan of your home. After you receive all the necessary documents and permits, you can, without delaying the construction. First, determine where your house will be located and take it up the axis. Then gnaw a trench or pit under the house, clean it well. After the Earth is prepared, you can safely put the foundation. Then we build floors and walls. The final stage will be the roof of your home. And finally the frame of your home is almost ready. Then you need to start the interior decoration of the apartments in the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling sockets, conducting wiring, primary wall decoration, floor screed, installation of doors and windows.