The main version of the floating floor: concrete

The floating floor of concrete is used in multi -storey residential buildings, warehouses or gorges. The principle of its work is based on the lack of a rigid connection between the basis of the floor, walls and the flooring directly.

Isolating material is laid on the base of concrete. If we are talking about the sound insulation of the floating floor on the ground floor, it is appropriate to use additional waterproofing. The outline of the room is pasted with an ingenious insulation ribbon. Next, a concrete screed is poured along the beacons. It is recommended to use reinforcement from a metal grid. At leisure it will not be superfluous to find out more about the site

Such a floor is also used to increase thermal conductivity, t. To. He creates ideal conditions for heating contours. Hydronized or electric, they are built into the floor. To exclude the process of heat loss, insulating building materials with low thermal conductivity, such as mineral wool or foam.

If an uneven base is in the building, the backfill is used – the leveling layer. So that it does not set up over time, it is recommended to compact it as much as possible. A screed is laid on this layer.

When laying a floating floor, first of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the grid for reinforcement and concrete. It must be borne in mind that over time, temperature changes and mechanical loads will affect the stove.