The main varieties of plasticizers for concrete

The purpose of plasticizers for concrete can be different, different combinations of additives will contribute to the settlement of specific characteristic features of the solution. These additional components will help reduce cement embezzlement, reduce the time to moisturize the surface that freezes, will help reduce the expenses of concrete mortar. Thanks to plasticizers, you can achieve very high resistance of all structural elements in the issue of the influence of frost, moisture or corrosion.

Among the main features of plasticizers are the following:

Modifiers. They help to increase the characteristic features of the brand and class of concrete solution, a decrease in permeability. Thanks to them, the resistance of this material to corrosion will improve, its durability will increase.

Superplastifiers contribute to higher strength, as well as the mobility of the solution. They will help reduce cement consumption. Improve the transportation of the solution in the summer.

Frost -resistant additives make it possible to carry out work with concrete solution in conditions of negative temperature.

Strengthening compositions contribute to increasing the strength of concrete.

Sealing additives are used when construction is performed from gas -sized and thin -walled concrete structures.