The main varieties of perforated fasteners

Perforated fasteners are convenient in the construction of various objects of wood materials. The wide area of ​​application of this type of fasteners is provided by many of their varieties. Perforated fasteners are used when connecting parts of furniture, stairs, window frames, structural parts, etc. D.

Perforated fasteners are also used to install stairs.

Most metered products are made of steel. To prevent corrosion of connecting elements, the method of galvanizing is used. The thickness of the steel sheets depends on the purpose of the products and varies within 1 – 10 mm. Steel supports are most thick, which are referred to as insurance and fever.

The most common type of perforated fastener is the corner. It is used mainly when working with wood, in the installation of ventilation and heating systems, when the connection of elements at an angle is required. Different sizes of corners allow you to collect light and heavy structures. Enhanced corners are supplied with stiffeners.

A perforated plate is a fairly popular connecting element. Distinguish T-shaped, connecting, fastener, corner perforated plates. It is used to fix the details with each other, with the base or frame. To distribute the load between the mounts, the mounting perforated tape is often used.