The main varieties of linoleum, their features

If we talk about linoleum, then this, of course, is very good and high -quality material to cover the floor. He retains its popularity to this day. Although, now there are many other, more expensive coatings. Linoleum is natural, polyvinyl chloride, glyftal, colloxilin and rubber. This is a natural coating; Therefore, all the components that make up are also natural. It happens that linoleum is made with the base, but it happens that they do without it. For the production of this flooring, fibers of natural origin are usually used, or non -woven materials. Before buying an apartment in Tyumen, you should consult a specialist.

Glyftal species of linoleum – usually a fabric base. It is worth noting one drawback of such a linoleum for the floor. It is known that over the years it becomes larger in width, but decreases in length. The colloxiline linoleum of the base, as such, does not. It is made by a single -layer coating. It is believed that the thickness of this material is not very large. But at the same time, he retains all his qualities. And linoleum has a lot of them. This is wear resistance, durability, and beautiful appearance. But the colloxin view of linoleum is very easily light. You should not forget about it either.