The main tasks of equipping the number

The main conditions for creating comfort at the place of temporary stay are a thoughtful interior and atmosphere of comfort. Equipping hotel furniture usually depends completely on the budget and the relationship of the hotel owner to the decoration of the premises.

Most often, the conditions of the hotel room try to bring the most to the home, the main indicator of stardom can be called the width of the bed. Since this is the main furniture, and in the hotel room it is unlikely that anyone will find excess furniture. The bed should be large, comfortable, as well as easy to move it with maids. The rest of the furniture in relation to the bed should be thought out, ergonomically. And in no case should she clutter the room.

The light should be in the room thought out. The first light zone is a corridor that should be bright. The second light zone is a bathroom, which must be lit from the ceiling, sometimes they additionally create a light zone above the mirror or along its perimeter. And the third zone is already a room directly. Usually several options for lighting devices are used here. So, a sconces are appropriate near the bed, a floor lamp in the room can be installed, as well as the placement of lighting devices in other “soft” zones.

The number must be decorated with textiles, because without curtains, curtains, the room was closed boring and not comfortable. Additionally, the advantage of the number will be the presence of a mini-bar, it must definitely be soap in the bathroom, toilet paper. Sometimes in the room you can find a first -aid kit and it is very convenient to have a safe for storing values ​​and money.