The main stages of pasting walls with wallpaper

The classic type of interior wall decoration is wallpaper. Working with wallpaper material is simple, in most cases, special preparation or specific knowledge is not required. But there are certain subtleties that occur when gluing wallpaper of various types.

There are 5 main varieties of wallpaper: paper, textile, vinyl, metal, cork. The standard requirements for all types of material is compliance with temperature (at least +18C) and moist (no more than 70%) modes. The drafts cannot be allowed in the room while gluing. Before direct work, you should make sure of all rolls by color and drawing in accordance. After pasting the wallpaper, you should move the chairs back.

The main stages of wallpaper sticking:

Cutting and cutting the material into canvases;

Trimming of the edges;

Wall marking;

Application of glue (depending on the type of wallpaper);

Gluing the canvas;

Smoothing the canvas and gluing joints.

When preparing the wallpaper, it will be necessary to free up space for deploying rolls. The necessary part of the canvas is cut off from the first roll, then the pattern with the second canvas is joined and the next part is cut off. Prepared linen is spread on the floor and wetted with glue. The adhesive composition is selected according to the selected type of wallpaper. The canvas is applied to the wall and is gradually smoothed from the middle of the tape to the edge. A dry soft rag is used for alignment. Wallpaper grasps during the day.